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This journal will be for the most private stuff only. I have a new eljay that is more public. I'll probably cross-post some very important entries from my new eljay to this one. If any of my F-list here are interested to keep in touch with me, then add me:


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BBC series SHERLOCK: An Overview

I was surprised to find out that season one of BBC's Sherlock has only three episodes. But each of them are 90 minutes long anyway so it was generally satisfactory for me. I finished watching all three episodes last Friday night and it as utter magnificence so far. I have to gulp large amounts of air to keep breathing while watching the series. This modern adaptation of Doyle's masterpiece is not without its flaws but I perceived them only as small details that don't get in the way of enjoying the show as a whole. As promised, I finally found the energy and time to review the it. First off, let's start with comparison and contrast among my favorite veteran Holmes actor Jeremy Brett (1984), the latest movie version Robert Downey Jr. (2009) and Benedict Cumberbatch himself as TV's Holmes (2010).

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Any thoughts? Questions? Arguments you wish to raise? Please let me know. And some images here are not mine, so please tell me which ones to credit. Thanks :)
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I am about to embark on a journey! BBC has released a modern-day Sherlock Holmes series and I am so fucking thrilled! I have the DVD right now and I'm really psyched to watch it later tonight. If it turns out great (which was the general consensus so far from many Sherlockians), I might just blog about how awesome it is some time next week. AW MY GAWD! I've been so busy with college and writing fiction that I completely missed out on the date this series has started. I wasn't even able to watch the season premiere of Glee (which I'm looking forward to because fellow Filipina Charice Pempengco is there and she has a very lovely voice). So imagine my shock when I visited 221b_bakerst  and was about to brawl because I had no goddamn idea that such a fantastic miracle in a form of a Sherlock series has taken place--but then my father has already bought a DVD copy earlier this morning. Papi just gets me that way. *squees* There are only 3 eps so far.

I will forever love Jeremy Brett. He is still the best Sherlock for me. But I am absolutely going bananas over Benedict Cumberbatch. His hair resembles Neil Gaiman's. *excessive drooling* GONNA WATCH NOW.

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Painting a thousand words

Photo taken by Dhymps.

I actually think that I look cute despite the bad lighting. I seem very happy in this picture although I don’t actually remember when this was taken (during the Panel Interview, I suppose). Probably one of my helpful talents is being able to easily project “happiness” in my face without really meaning it. I could always put on a good show even under pressing circumstances. That’s me in a nutshell.

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♥ Best News Ever ♥

Apparently, ERIC KRIPKE (of the 'Supernatural' series) will be doing the TV adaptation of 'The Sandman' comics. I've always had an instinctive feeling that he's credible enough to receive the honor of paying homage to Neil Gaiman's genius creation. And well, Kripke is pretty awesome, really. I will hope for the best.

Paul-sempai doesn't seem to be as thrilled as me about the collaboration of these creative minds. Which sucks since I hate the fact that we're divided on this matter. Apparently, I like both Supernatural and The Sandman series a lot (although not in equal forms), but he doesn't appreciate SPN at all. Oh well, we all have different tastes but I just like him so much I wish we share the same interests all the damn time. That's how much I value his opinion in everything now.
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Happy birthday, Johnny & here is the list of my top 10 favorite movies of yours!

For three years now, I only used to greet Johnny Depp a happy birthday as a passing sidenote but since I've already done something special on Sherlock Holmes' birthday last January, I believe my favorite actor of all time deserves the same recognition. So here is my list of favorite movies starring John Christopher Depp II, Type 4 Gemini and renowned actor!!

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OTP: Craig Ferguson and Sophia Bush

Here is another spam post again! I was researching interview videos over YT of the stunning Sophia Bush, particularly the one where she was a guest in The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson for this year. And it was just an utter delight! Not only do I love Sophia to the bone but I got so giddy that she was also quite entertaining with Craig. I mean, gawd, the wackiness of the whole interview is just lulz and shit! Whoever uploaded such a great quality video is my hero at that but it took 2 hours to fully download this in YouTube downloader. So worth it though!! I can't resist so I just went ahead and picked my favorite exchanges with screencaps.

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Watch their verbal copulation HERE . He hits on her last year HERE
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The Pancake Experiment #2

In my recent entry, I claimed not to be able to cook simple fucking pancakes. But determination is a way to success so tonight I tried cooking a bunch of them again and the results are pleasant enough for me. I was finally able to use eggs; although, after pouring the contents on the stove, I still had to scrape off the first five pancakes I tried frying. I wasn't happy about that but I had to take pictures before throwing them away. The left picture shows the five pancakes, torn apart exactly as crazy food would look like. But a silver lining in the right picture! I managed to make the last one circular in shape! Now that's progress! Granted all of them are overcooked and undercooked at the same time but still! Proud here, you guys! I do confess that I hate that Sakura Kinomoto cooks better pancakes than I do! I was watching Cardcaptor earlier and seeing her with wonderful delicious pancakes coated in syrup made me want my own.

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In other news, I'll be completely booked from June 4 to June 8. I have a sleepover with the best friend on Friday and Saturday (which is also recruitment day because there'll be new freshmen in town) and then I'll be leaving on Sunday for the HERALDO FILIPINO YEAREND! I'll be back Tuesday afternoon on the 8th. It's a fun-filled (I'm hoping) 3-day (2 nights) retreat of some sort. There's a program, a children's party, lecture seminar and nocturnal swimming with the gals! I'll blog about the details once I get home but I'll probably do the Johnny Depp Birthday special first. See ya soon, F-list!
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SPAM POST: In love with The Sandman

Paul-sempai and I have been bonding with Neil Gaiman's graphic novel The Sandman. It's a brisk and exciting eleven volumes of 75-chaptered magnificent stories on different mythologies and folklores, focusing on The Endless siblings who do not die like gods and will be around until the universe and every creature in it is gone. There's Destiny, the cloaked figure in gray who carries the book of prophecy around with him as he walks his labyrinth garden; the twins Desire and Despair, the former is androgynous and seductive, the latter is one's reflection in the mirror during a dark moment; there's also Destruction, someone who actually loves life itself so much that he decided to call it quits as soon as humanity found a way to invent atomic bombs; Delirium the youngest who used to be Delight; and then, of course, there's always Dream (ah, the conundrum) who keeps falling in love with humans (who end up dumping him one way or another) because, in the patronizing words of one of his servants, Mervyn Pumpkinhead: "He's gotta be the tragic figure standing out in the rain, mournin' the loss of his beloved. So down comes the rain, right on cue. In the meantime everybody gets dreams fulla existential angst and wakes up feeling like hell. And we all get wet." And then there's Death, the protective and cheery big sister.

Here is The Sandman. He goes by many, many names.

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Okay. Sorry for spamming your journals, F-list. I just had to blog about The Sandman sooner or later. If you guys like what you saw, read the complete comic books HERE!